Cloud Devices

Allows the app to communicate over WiFi to compatible EMV readers. Has the same functionality as the Device Manager on the merchant console, albeit with slight differences.

To view the console feature, click this link here.

To view compatible EMV readers, see the pages for the Castles MP200 & the Vega3000 relating to the console feature.

For the Ingenico devices, see the pages for the iSC Touch 480, iSC Touch 250, iPP 350, and iPP 320.

You will be able to add, manage, and share devices with the app and the merchant console. Sending transactions to the swipers will be the same as if they were being connected via bluetooth.

The iOS Device Manager can be found in Settings -> Devices -> scroll down to Cloud Devices -> tap Manage Cloud Devices. This will open the Device Manager where you can add new devices and see a list of existing devices (both offline and online).

Adding a Cloud Device

Tap the plus sign in the upper left corner of the Device Manager to open the Register Device screen. You will then be given the opportunity to name the device in the first field and select the device type in the second field from a drop down. Please Note: Device name can contain letters, numbers, spaces, and dashes. All other characters will be filtered out.

There are two device types:

  • Standalone: This applies to the Castles devices.
  • Direct: This applies to the Ingenico devices.

Register Device Screen


Once you have tapped the Register Device button, a new screen will appear with the pairing code to pair it with the account. You will have 15 minutes to enter the pairing code into the EMV reader.

Pairing Screen

If you happen to tap the done button before entering the pairing code, the pairing code will be located in the new device's Device Box on the Device Manager. You will still have the remaining 15 minutes to pair the device from the moment you tapped the Register Device button.

Pairing code found in Device Box

Note: Any device paired to the iOS Device Manager will also be paired to the merchant's console account. The device can be used to process transactions from either source.

Deleting Devices

To manage a device, tap the Edit button.

To Delete a device, just tap the Delete button. This will delete the device from the account and will no longer be available for both the merchant console and the iOS app.

Device Manager

To select a device to use, tap anywhere in the Device Box and the Device Box will highlight in red to show it is selected. Be sure to check the status of the device via the dot in the top right corner of each device.

Selected Device


iPad Device Manager


iPhone Device Manager

Device Edit Screen

To view the Device Edit Screen for a device, tap the Edit button.

Device Info


The name of the device will be displayed at the top of the edit screen. Tap the name to edit it. Be sure to tap "Save" when you are done.

Device Key

This the unique identifier for the device assigned by the gateway.

Device Type & Serial Number

This displays the type of device this is and its unique serial number for identification. This can also be found physically on the device.

Device Keys

Every device in the Device Manager will have its own PIN and PAN keys. These keys pertain to debit processing and connection to the console. When there are no keys displayed for your device and you are having problems processing, please contact support.

Build Version

Every device in the Device Manager will display its current build version. This will help to determine if your device is up to date. You can refer to the Update section for updating your device via the merchant console. If you need further assistance with this process, please contact support.

Default Terminal Configuration

Toggle the buttons to allow the device to accept the following types of payment: EMV, Debit MSR, and Contactless. Enable Tip Adjust to adjust the transaction to include tip after the transaction has been approved. Note: When you enable Tip Adjust, you must also disable Debit MSR. You will receive a warning on the iOS device if these settings are both enabled.


In this section, you can set the option to Share Device, enable update notifications and enable standalone mode.

Set Remote Update Notifications

If you would like to automatically receive prompts for pending updates directly to the MP200 or Vega3000 (instead of periodically checking the Device Manager), turn on the "Update Notifications" setting. Please Note: The MP200 must be connected to Wi-Fi to receive these notifications.

To turn this setting on, tap on the the device in the Device Manager. Check the "Update Notifications" box, and tap "Save". Repeat for each device you would like to receive these notifications.

Enable Standalone Mode

In order to activate Standalone Mode on your MP200L and Vega3000 devices, you will need to toggle on "Enable Standalone" and tap "Save". On your device, you will need to enter the Main Menu by holding down the '9' key(Vega3000) or the WiFi key(MP200) until you hear a second beep. Once in the Main Menu, you can simply press the cancel button to enter the Standalone Menu.

Click here for more information on Standalone mode.

At the bottom of the Device Edit screen, there are 3 buttons: - Save: Tapping this will save all changes made to this device while the modal has been open. - Done: Tapping this will exit the modal without saving any changes. - Delete: Tapping this will delete the device from the account and will no longer be available for both the merchant console and the iOS app.


iPad Device Configuration


iPhone Device Configuration